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Body Mass Index Calculator For Men & Women

Understanding and determining your ideal BMI can be tricky business. If you’re not too familiar with the concept, it is a simple measure of body fat based on height and weight for men and women that gives insight into if you’re in a health range or not. Our BMI calculator is free, simple, and easy to use. If you have any further questions after you’re done, check out our fitness and fat loss blog or schedule a free weight loss consultation with Coach John. Enjoy!

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What's The Formula To Find Your BMI?

The widely used formula was created by Adolphe Quetelet in the 1830s. Thankfully, it’s pretty straightforward and works for both men and women. 

Imperial Formula

BMI = weight (lb) ÷ height2 (in2) × 703

Step 1. Figure out your height in inches by multiplying the feet by 12 and then adding however many inches you have left over. 

Step 2. Multiply your height in inches by itself. 

Step 3. Divide your weight by your height in inches squared. 

Step 4. Multiply your answer by 703. 

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