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John Welborn Fitness is a fitness gym, fat loss specialist, and personal coaching service in Fairview, OR. My goal is to help you get your health back and live the life you’ve always wanted. No fads, or gimmicks. Only a compassionate and knowledgeable coach to give you the fitness and nutrition advice you’ve been looking for. Right now is the best time to start.

John Welborn Fitness

Workout Gym & Training Facility

1515 NE Village St.
Fairview OR 97024

5 minutes off of Fairview Pkwy
across the street from the Multnomah County Library

 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 7am – 7pm
Tues: 7am – 12pm (with late classes at 5:30, 6, & 6:30pm)

Free Fitness Consultation

Are you overweight, wanting to change, but aren’t sure how to start? Give us a ring to get a completely no-strings-attached one on one phone call with fitness expert John. He’ll help put you on the right track. 

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