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Corporate fitness and wellness programs in Portland OR | John Welborn Fitness

John Welborn Fitness aims to help your organization improve the fitness of your employees and create a healthier office environment. Our mission is to help you increase your profits through developing good wellness habits and in turn, increasing productivity and performance. A recent Health Affair Study showed that for every dollar spent on wellness initiatives, your company can save $2.73 on costs related to lack of employee motivation and reduce absenteeism as well. 

Our company takes a holistic approach to improving the wellness of your employees. This includes nutrition education, in office fitness boot camps and workouts, reduced corporate gym memberships at the John Welborn Fitness Gym, posture correction coaching, and more. We are so confident that we’ll be able to completely transform your workplace, that we offer a free workout and wellness session at your office. 

How This Helps Your Company

You want to keep your employees healthy, alert, and producing the highest quality of work possible. That can only happen when they are feeling good and relaxed. Through our proven techniques and expertise, we are able to identify gaps in employee wellness that are holding your organization’s members back from success. There are many benefits that come with these changes. 

  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher workplace morale
  • Government tax incentives and grants
  • Decreased healthcare costs, fewer medical claims, and disability leave times
  • Reduced worker’s compensation claims, turnover, and absenteeism

Employee Benefits

Employees have a life outside of work as well. It can be hard to turn off the switch of outside influences when they enter into the office. Our programs focus on improving the wellness of your employees across multiple areas of their lives. This leads to an overall greater level of daily satisfaction, purpose, and effectiveness when doing their jobs. 

  • Improved cognitive function and effectiveness
  • Convenient location, hours and class schedules
  • Pain and discomfort reduction
  • Stress reduction and management training
  • Zero or low-cost membership dues
  • More energy

Wellness Solutions

Our corporate wellness program is tailored to the individual needs of your company and employees. Based on their current levels of fitness, availability, and health knowledge, we will put together a program that helps you create the healthiest and most productive work environment possible. 

Employee Fitness & Health Assessment

An initial health assessment is crucial to developing a useful and long term wellness program for your company. During this process, we will give a written assessment to all employees to determine their biggest health challenges. After, we will create an outline for the program components along with a schedule of coaching frequency that best suites your needs. 

Group Fitness Boot Camps

 Our boot camps can take place in your office or at the John Welborn Fitness gym. Through fun, challenging, and encouraging workouts your employees will be transformed. They will start to see major differences in the way their bodies feel and operate throughout the day. Your employees will also receive bulk discount rates for gym memberships and our personal coaching services

Ergonomics & Pain Reduction Education

Sitting and lack of movement throughout the work day can take a huge tole on your workers. This will naturally impact how productive and effective they are able to be. We offer posture coaching, ergonomics training for the organization, as well as in office corrective exercise administration. We’ll have your employees firing on all cylinders in no time. 

Accountability Check Ins

One of the most difficult parts about starting a new fitness program is keeping yourself accountable. That’s why John Welborn Fitness offers accountability check ins for your entire company. Employees also have access to Coach John at select times throughout the month for individual coaching as well. You won’t have to figure out how to keep everyone motivated, we’ve already got it taken care of.  

Nutrition & Meal Education Plan

Overall wellness takes more than fitness and exercise into consideration. Proper nutrition and diet are imperative to maintaining a healthy and energetic body. When bodies are energized, your organization performs better. We’ll write specific meal plans for your employees, create office snacking guidelines, and hold education seminars about property dietary habits. 

Let's Get Your Office Back In Shape

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