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“The Only Thing That Guarantees Failure, Is Not Starting.”

After many months or even years of not being happy or satisfied with your lifestyle, the prospect of being able to change it through proper nutrition and exercise can seem very daunting or perhaps even a pipe dream even to the most highly motivated people. I (coach John) am here to show you that you can accomplish this goal and keep the weight off for good and with my methods, change the way you perceive exercise.

My approach is to make training enjoyable as part of a sustainable life change and to incorporate multiple different training techniques (including online personal training for when time is limited)to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Each fitness service is hand crafted by me to impact your health in a huge way. Your time is now.

Fun, higher intensity style of training designed to maximize your fat loss, make you stronger, give you more energy, and get you fit within a 30 minute window. Included are unlimited bootcamp sessions along with nutrition support, mindset coaching, and accountability check-ins to ensure you hit your fat loss goals quickly and safely so you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Each session is held at the John Welborn Fitness Facility and personally led by myself. This bootcamp is designed for individuals who want to lose up to 150lbs of unwanted body fat. If you’ve been wanting to lose a large amount of weight and haven’t been sure where to start or have found it hard to keep yourself motivated, my small group fitness bootcamps can help. 

Are you struggling with hitting your fitness and fat loss goals? Do you want to lose more fat, get stronger faster, improve your energy and confidence, and scale your fitness success and achieve amazing results? If you have up to 150lbs of unwanted body fat to lose and you’re unhappy with your current lifestyle, you may be a good fit for my high level Body Transformation Coaching Program.

The program includes customized training specifically designed for your needs, wants, and goals to maximize your results. I also provide in depth nutrition coaching, mindset coaching, and hyper focused accountability to make sure you hit your fitness and fat loss goals in the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way possible so you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Finding enough time to go to a gym every day can be challenging. Especially if you’ve been going and aren’t getting the results you want. 

You’ve got the motivation and desire, all you need is the knowledge and direction. I offer transformative, encouraging, and convenient online training courses that will help you reach your fat loss and fitness goals. 

These courses are maximized to help keep you accountable, motivate you to be your best, create better nutrition habits, and most importantly, get fit and healthy. Each program is designed for a specific part of your overall fitness journey. 

Corporate fitness and wellness programs in Portland OR | John Welborn Fitness

Our corporate wellness and fitness program exists to come in and completely revolutionize your office.

Through in office fitness coaching, group boot camp sessions, personalized company meal plans, and health and safety training, we help make employees healthier. We take a holistic approach to wellness and form your organization’s program around work habits, diet, office structure, and more. 

Once employees improve their levels of health and fitness, they are able to be more productive and achieve their optimal level of performance. Participating in our employer health solutions will help your company save money by decreasing health risk factors, and create an environment that everyone involved can enjoy. 

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