Boot Camp Group Fitness Workouts

Serving all of Fairview, Gresham, and NE Portland OR

My group fitness boot camps cater to a wide variety of people and the sessions are tailored to each group. Ideally, users of this boot camp should have a significant amount of weight they want to lose and have the desire to build a healthier overall self.

I have years of fitness and health coaching experience and I’ve trained hundreds of folks on how to lose fat and get back into shape. Joining our boot camp gym is sure to be a life changing experience. 

Each session is fun, engaging, and filled with energy. They are meant to push and challenge you to reach your fullest fitness potential. I will also be there every step of the way to ensure you stay motivated and perform the exercises correctly.

What Is A Fitness Boot Camp?

Boot camps are group fitness classes that are meant to get you up, moving, and losing weight in a fun environment. They are higher intensity, shorter duration workouts that allow the body to burn a maximum amount of fat in the shortest time possible.  The goal is to challenge your body in new and unique ways, and improve your overall quality of life. You will be encouraged by myself (coach John) and supported by your peers who are rooting each other on throughout the program.

Small Group Training Benefits

  • Customized exercises within a tight knit group and a workout routine that is pre planned for you to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule.
  • Personalized feedback and support from your trainer during the workouts.
  • Exercises are constantly being changed out and rotated to keep your sessions fun so you don’t get bored.
  • A true community of men and women to continually support you on your fitness journey.

Are These Group Workouts For Beginners?

Almost anyone who is trying to lose weight by getting rid of excess fat in an encouraging and upbeat setting can benefit from boot camp conditioning. You do not need any prior fitness knowledge or to be in the best shape to begin training.

It is an open and inclusive format where I will personally instruct and coach you throughout the entire workout. This type of exercise is perfect if you’ve been wanting to lose a good amount of weight, but aren’t sure where to start and need some guidance as well.

What Kind Of Exercises Will I Be Doing?

Curious about what kind of activities the boot camp will consist of and what it’s like? During each session, I focus on the following areas:

  • Strength training – You will build strength and muscle by working with weights and doing simple but effective lifts.
  • High intensity – Workouts are rotated frequently within the 30 minute window to maximize fat loss.
  • Aeorbic work – All exercises are designed to increase your aerobic endurance to have you feeling healthy and energized.

Where Are The Classes Held?

All boot camp classes are located in Fairview, Oregon at the John Welborn Fitness facility. It is a small facility with a wide range of exercise equipment. You will be together with like minded people who have similar weight loss goals in limited class sizes. This setting allows me to asses each individual performance as I’m instructing the session and to encourage each participant as well. 

Ready To Transform Yourself In One Of Our Small Group Training Sessions?

Coach John Is Here To Help You Transform

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