Four Ways To Improve Your Health

Four Ways To Improve Your Health
Here we are going to talk about four basic tools we can begin using to improve our overall health. Now regardless of our goals, whether it be weight loss, muscle gaining, mobility improvements, or a combination of all of those and more, these four steps will help you hit your goals. They also happen to be some of my favorite codes if you will in regards to my own health.

1. Drink More Water

We have an obligation to our bodies to provide it with nutrients. If we choose not to, we can’t expect our bodies to change in the ways that we want.

Water is a micronutrient that your body absolutely needs for proper bodily function. If we can increase your water intake to about 1/2 of your body weight in ounces, we can start to increase vitamin C and B complex into your cells. Vitamin C and B are water soluble vitamins that only get transported into your cells through water.

If you don’t drink enough water to fuel your current tissue, it is going to be difficult to change it. Water will give you natural energy through vitamin absorption and will also increase your metabolism.

2. Be More Active

Move more! As a general rule, the more you move the more you burn and the more you burn, the more you lose. If your goal is weight loss or simply trying to shed some extra pounds of fat to show off more muscle for the summer months, we have to get you moving.

The majority of us sit all day long. We sit at work, come home, sit for dinner, then go to sleep to do it over again. The problem with standardized gyms is that they promote these easy to use machines that do most of the work for you. But what’s the one thing that almost every machine has you do? Sit!

So now not only are we sitting at work and home, but at the gym too. Our bodies are not designed to sit on our asses all day. We are designed to move and move with a purpose. When we sit, we weaken our glutes and overactivate our hip flexors. This causes knee and low back pain that can cripple some and annoy all.

If you want to hit a fitness goal, you best start moving.

3. Avoid Packaged Foods

Packaged foods are flooded with simple sugars, artificial flavors, sodium, and low quality soy proteins. They are also usually very low in quality vitamins and minerals and fiber.

These facts cause huge problems with our health. They increase the risk of disease, it is very difficult to lose weight when packing your body with low quality food, and it damages our gut, causing long term damage to our metabolism.

Whatever your fitness goals may be, eat real and true-to-the-earth foods!

4. Laugh More!

This is my absolute favorite one. Laughter rules all: it’s the king to happiness, the promoter of movement, releases healthy hormones that improve our base mood, and spreads that infectious spirit to others, helping them along their journey as well.

Nobody knows what others are dealing with. Our crappy days could very well be a great day for someone else. So spread love and happiness to everyone you meet. The only thing it will do is make someone’s day better. Life mojo!

John Welborn

My name is John and I'm a certified Fitness and Fat Loss Coach. I help individuals get in the best shape they've ever been in and teach them to maintain it for good. I've got a Bachelor degree in Exercise/Sports Science, Associate's degrees in health science, accounting, business, and chemistry, 2 RockTape Kinesiology Taping Certifications, and an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Personal Training Certification.

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