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“I’m So Glad I Chose To Do This!” -Crystal Schmidt

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“I’ve been overweight for about 20 years. Meeting John and having him do what i’m doing has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me” -Loralei

“I’ve been training with John for about 9 months. I would not be in the shape I am right now had it not been for his encouragement. ” – Joani

“11 months later…I was 50 lbs lighter. My body fat was down to 26% vs 34%…I knew I was 55 years old and I felt good and I looked good. ” – Karen

“I’d recommend him to anybody. Super consistent, super personable, remembers everything about you.” -Amy

“It was amazing…I actually have been losing weight, and i’ve been eating about 1400 calories a day.” -Jaclyn

“Through following the plan for just two weeks…I lost 7 pounds, which was amazing.” -Nicole

“I struggled extremely in the beginning with what worked for me as far as meal planning and nutrition…Now I can put meal plans together for an entire week…I’ve been successful.” -Christy

“I didn’t think he had a lot to offer me, and I was wrong… I am beyond impressed with his program and impressed with myself that I really was able to get there…His program was worth every penny.” -Lindsey

“John’s a really great guy, very down to earth..if you haven’t done a sit up in 10 years, he’s gonna work with you. You’re gonna be fine, it’ll be great. ” -Katherine

“I was hesitant to sign up at first…I needed to do something though…I now love to work out and I feel so much better…and guarantee you won’t regret it” – Riley C.

“Just finished my 6 week challenge, and I lost over 5% body fat…I think what sets John apart is his positive gym culture…He pushes me to set goals. ” – Shauna

“I’ve lost 18 lbs in 4 weeks…I’ve been doing so well on this fitness challenge I haven’t taken any blood pressure medicine…this challenge is about getting healthy.” – Brad

“If you’re ready for commitment, motivation, and a great coach, I recommend that you go visit and join John Welborn Fitness.”

“At this point I have lost nearly 10 lbs of pure body fat…I’m doing exercises now that I never dreamed that i’d been capable of. My confidence levels have boosted.” – Clara

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John Welborn Fitness
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 10 reviews
by Ebony Howard on John Welborn Fitness
Above and Beyond

I was reaching out on social media inquiring of contacts how to fix an excruciatingly painful stiff neck. To my surprise John Welborn responded offering his services to help me out. This was awesome as I am just a former and not a current client of his. John was gracious enough to see time to meet me same day to help me out. John is a great coach and trainer. John had no obligation to assist as lime I said I am a FORMER client. Thank you for the passion you have for your trade and the commitment you show to the individuals you work with. Your Intervention in my case made a 110% difference, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts!

by Linzy J. on John Welborn Fitness
Love this program!!

I chose to join John Welborn fitness for a 6 week challenge and it was one of the best decisions regarding fitness that I have made. I had plateaued for at least a solid year but with the help of John Welborn I got a workout and nutrition routine that helped me safely and effectively lose 5% body fat in just 6 short weeks. Now I look forward to training with him over the next year to get faster and stronger! He creates individualized workout plans for whatever stage your at. Weather your a trained athlete or if u have never worked out a day in your life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get in shape or lose fat!

by Joe LoConti-Payne on John Welborn Fitness

by Mariel Silva on John Welborn Fitness

by Sharri S. on John Welborn Fitness
I Couldn't Ask For A More Amazing Trainer

John Wellborn has been my personal trainer for almost a year now.  He's extremely educated on his profession and dedicated to creating a happy healthy lifestyle for his clients (family). I couldn't ask for a more amazing trainer.

by Chris I. on John Welborn Fitness
He Has Become A Part Of My Family

John has been my trainer and coach for over 2 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me achieve a number of fitness goals. He continually challenges me and pushes me each session. He trained me a prepared me to run in the Warrior Dash, drastically improved my mobility and strength. Through these last two years I have also become close friends with John as he fully invested himself to me. He has become apart of my family. He even trains me and my kids every other week which they look forward to so much!

by Karen Wilson on John Welborn Fitness
You've Changed My Life

John Welborn has been my trainer for over 3 years. With his overwhelming knowledge of nutrition, strength training and human behavior, I have lost 70 lbs, maintained my weight loss for over two years, and become healthier and stronger than I've been in 40 years. He pushes me to be the best version of me I can be. Every time I reach a goal, he's there to help me set a new goal. I'm on a never ending journey and he's right by my side every step of the way. He's always available to answer questions, cheer for my successes and help me up when I stumble and fall. I'm always learning something new. I wish I had made the decision to work with him earlier. I;m so happy with my transformation. Not only physical transformation but mental transformation. Thank you Coach John! You've changed my life!

by Kerry Boothby on John Welborn Fitness
Best Decision I've Ever Made

Where to even start?! Well I met John through my nutritionist that I had only been working with a couple weeks. I went to an open gym for free that John was putting on; I had every excuse not to go, but I pushed myself and went. Best decision I have ever made!! I have done so many fad workouts, diets, worked with a few trainers, but nothing has compared to the knowledge and passion that John has for health, fitness and especially his clients!! Now why did it stick this time and not the others, especially when my biggest excuse is being a single parent who can't get to the gym? I whole heartedly believe that John has played a huge part in why I'm not quitting and have stomped on all my excuses!

by Aparthesis Apar on John Welborn Fitness
Life Changing

I'm a veteran who got injured in Afghanistan and before I met John I had accepted that I wouldn't be running or physically training anymore which was a large part of my self confidence and lifestyle. Meeting John was a life changing event for me as he has helped me develop and has shown me that what I thought I had lost was merely obscured by my injuries. I will forever be thankful for that.

by Marcus Nielson on John Welborn Fitness
Awesome Trainer

Awesome trainer, he's been helping me for about 2 years now and hes helped me get closer to my fitness goals everytime i train with him, not only a trainer but a great friend that actually cares about your well being and success.

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