“Control the Controllables!”-Bryan Donohue

“Control the Controllables!”-Bryan Donohue

Hold on a sec and just follow the story:

When I was in community college (prior to going to a 4yr to finish my career) playing baseball, my coach, Bryan Donohue absolutely preeched this quote to us:

“Control the controllables.”-Bryan Donohue

And the reason why was becasue it falls back into the principle that our mindset and focus determines your reality. In sports it’s either win or lose. Even in soccer where you can tie a match- enough ties=no championship run. So even with those sports, it’s win or lose.

And so Bryan would preech this to us because at the end of the day, the team that wins is the team that correctly executed on the things they had control over. A player has control over his/her diet, sleep, water intake, being on time to the field, communicating with fellow players during the game, choosing good pitches to swing at, running hard around the bases, having a “can-do/will-do” attitude, staying focused on the present situation, and a million other things that I could spend hours talking about.

Now can you control the weather? No. Can you control the talent of the other team? No. But you can control how you respond to adversity. If you choose to respond well, you have a shot!

Focus On Areas Of Your Health That You Can Control

If you focus on controlling the things you can control and executing them properly, you win the game. If you swing at good pitches, you’ll get hits, if you pitch and hit your spots, you’ll get outs, if you communicate, you’ll put 0’s on the board for the other team, and if you demand nothing but excellence from yourself, combined with 9 other players, you’ll outwork, outplay, outscore, and outperform the other team.

So! You’re probably wondering what the heck does this have to do with me?

If you’re trying to improve your health, I commend you for that! Good job! Keep at it! Don’t quit and control what you can control. You can control if you go to the gym or skip it because you’re tired. You control the food the go into your mouth. You control when you sleep, when you wake up, how much water you drink, what soft drinks you drink, what mindset you have, and how you respond to the uncontrollable variables that creep in and try to throw you off your game.

You dictate how you respond to the snow that comes in the winter and the blazing heat that shows up in July. You can either use that extra day off and not move forward, or you can get up, turn around, drop down onto your living room floor, “give me 20,” and get better. If your gym loses air conditioning in the summer (like most conveniently do to bump up water sales haha) you can either leave or not go, or grind through it, bring an extra ice water and get after it because you know your goals matter more and you’re not going to let a broken machine keep you from succeeding.

In health and fitness, we either win or lose. Meaning, we’re either healthy or we’re not. There is no “kinda healthy” we either have a healthy day or we didn’t.

We get to decide each and every day, minute, second, and moment, if we will put our health first or not. Over the course of hours, you create either a healthy day or an unhealthy one. Over a month, you’ve either had more good days than bad and took a step forward or you went backwards. But the point is- you create it. 

Through your actions, you create results and through consistency and repetition, you create a lifestyle. You have the ability to decide what you want your life to be like through the decisions you make.

So, wrapping this up full circle.

Being Healthy Is A Mindset

If you’re struggling to get healthy. Confused on why something isn’t working, why you aren’t losing weight, why you can’t get stronger, or why your energy level just isn’t getting any better, it’s usually not the plan you’re following. It’s often the mindset you’re bringing to the table. You’re allowing the uncontrollables to control you rather than ignoring them.

So reflect on what you’re doing now. Look back at why it’s not working as well as you’d like it to. Then answer this question:

Question A: “Am I executing on everything I know I can control and execute on?” If the answer is no, fix the hitches until it’s a yes. If the answer is yes, ask this question…

Question B: “Am I allowing the uncrollables to control my actions?” if the answer is yes, fix the hitches until it’s a no.

Once question A is a “yes” and Question B is a “no,” you’ll start to see your world change and reaching fitness goals will be a piece of cake (pun intended haha).

Look if you’re ready to go from where you are now (Body A) to where you want to be (Body Z) and you’re tired of spinning your wheels or going backwards, I am here to help you.

I’m passionate about helping as many people in our community as I possibly can get their desired bodies and achieve the lifestyle that will make them happier and healthier.

If you want more information on how I can help you- either through a Body Transformation Program that I offer, accountability coaching calls, personal training services,  or through my Mastermind Group, simply schedule a Success Strategy Session Phone Call with me and I’ll answer all of your questions.

I’m committed to your success and I believe in you!

Your Health Coach,

John Welborn
Fat Loss and Body Transformation Expert

John Welborn

My name is John and I'm a certified Fitness and Fat Loss Coach. I help individuals get in the best shape they've ever been in and teach them to maintain it for good. I've got a Bachelor degree in Exercise/Sports Science, Associate's degrees in health science, accounting, business, and chemistry, 2 RockTape Kinesiology Taping Certifications, and an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Personal Training Certification.

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