What Workout Is Best For My Fitness Goals?


Bottom line- If your goal is fat loss… This is the right style for you:

Best Workout For Weight Loss

  1. A training program based off something you enjoy. IE- bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebells, barbells, HIIT, circuits, mixture of a few, mixture of all of them, etc. You won’t stick to it if you hate it.
  2. A training program that gets you moving. Machines are fine but you won’t maximize results that way. If you want to lose 30, 50, 100lbs you are going to want to start moving! You’ll burn more calories, you’ll get stronger faster, you’ll see more muscle definition and tone, and you’ll burn fat faster!
  3. A training program that progressively challenges you. If you do something that is easy, your body isn’t going to change. You need to challenge yourself just enough to see consistent and effortless results, without feeling fatigued.

If you do those three things- You will see amazing results with your physique this year!

Be consistent with your training (maximum of 4xweek) and have fun! The sweet spot is 3xweek and that’s as much as I do as well. You don’t need to go crazy to see amazing results. With fat loss, less is more BUT that work you do needs to be focused and efficient.

If you need more support and help structuring a training program that is right for you, simply schedule a call below or leave a comment and we’ll take a major crack at it.

Now go kick ass this week!


John Welborn

My name is John and I'm a certified Fitness and Fat Loss Coach. I help individuals get in the best shape they've ever been in and teach them to maintain it for good. I've got a Bachelor degree in Exercise/Sports Science, Associate's degrees in health science, accounting, business, and chemistry, 2 RockTape Kinesiology Taping Certifications, and an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Personal Training Certification.

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